SQL 2012 RTM Version already release.





SQL Server 2012 capabilities and highlights are as follows:

  • Greater availability.Deliver the required 9s and data protection with AlwaysOn, delivering added functionality over CTP1 that allows customers to experience even more of the flexibility and value.
  • Breakthrough insight.Unlock new insights with rapid data exploration across the organization with Power View, available to customers for the first time.
  • Credible, consistent data.Provide a consistent view across heterogeneous data sources with the BI Semantic Model (BISM) a single model for Business Intelligence applications. Make data quality apart of everyday life with the Master Data Services add-in for Excel and new Data Quality Services that is integrated with 3rd party data providers through Windows Azure Marketplace Datamarket. Customers can test this functionality for the first time.
  • Productive development experience.Optimize IT and developer productivity across server and cloud with Data-tier Application Component (DAC) parity with SQL Azure and SQL Server Data Tools for a unified and modern development experience across database, BI, and cloud functions. Additionally, Express customers can test a new LocalDB version for fast, zero-configuration installation.


下面連結列出安裝SQL 2012的Hardware and Software Requirements.



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