If you want to export components from XPE datebase to be a .sld file....you can refer below solution:

C:\Program Files\Windows Embedded\bin>xpecmd.wsf
P.S:If you can't run it , you may need use Cscript.

Cscript xpecmd.wsf

In this case , we will export the "Registry Filter"

C:\Program Files\Windows Embedded\bin>xpecmd.wsf
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Windows XP Embedded Command-Line Tool version 3.15.674 (CMI revision 578)
Copyright (C) 1999-2006 Microsoft Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Platform GUID       : {B784E719-C196-4DDB-B358-D9254426C38D}
Platform            : (not in database)
xpecmd>dbopen %COMPUTERNAME%
Server              : MyServer
Database            : MantisSQLDB
Generation          : {FB10D136-5D12-4E8F-9B1C-BAEA9858DB03}
Open mode           : ReadImport (1)
xpecmd>minvis 100
Visibility          : 100
xpecmd>new ins Instance
xpecmd>ins = 'inst:^Registry Filter'
xpecmd>new mySLD sld
xpecmd>new myComp = 'comp:Registry Filter'
xpecmd>add mySLD myComp
xpecmd>save mySLD "C:\export.sld"

Enjoy it , thank you~

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