最近最常碰到的問題就是“WES7 跟 XPE有甚麼不同的地方?”

List 如下:

Feature Area

Windows Embedded Standard 7

Windows XP Embedded

Windows technologies

Windows 7 Ultimate or later versions

Updates available on Windows XP Professional

For example:

· Windows Media Player 11

· Internet Explorer 7

Image Build tools

Standard 7 Toolkit:

· Image Builder Wizard

· Image Configuration Editor

· Target Analyzer

· Windows 7 WIM support

· Footprint estimation

· Search

· Better performance

· Easier third-party software and driver integration

· XML image configuration

Embedded Studio Toolkit:

· Target Designer

· Component Designer

· DB Manager

· Target Analyzer

· SDI support

Image Build model

· Image can be configured on the device or on the development computer

· Image is assembled on the device

· Features, drivers, and language packs can be added or removed from the image online or offline.

· Image is configured and assembled on the development computer

· Image is deployed on the device

Processor support

· 32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)

· 32-bit (x86)

OS Image Footprint

· Minimum Image size > 300 MB

· Minimum Image size > 40 MB

OS Building Blocks

· Feature packages ~100s

· Drivers ~1000

· Components ~1000

· Drivers ~9000


· Developer Tools

· Documentation

· OS Image

· OS Image only

Deployment tools

· Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

· Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM)

· Windows PE or later versions

· CD Boot

· USB Boot

· Remote Boot

· PXE Boot

· Remote Installation Services (RIS)

· CD Boot

· USB Boot

· Remote Boot

Embedded Enabling Features

· Parity with Windows XP Embedded

· File -Based Write Filter (FBWF)

· Enhanced Write Filter (EWF)

· EWF/HORM (Hibernate Once/Resume Many Environment)

· USB Boot

· CD/DVD Boot

· Custom shell support


· OEM Servicing

· Device Automatic Servicing (Windows Update)

· Device Manual Servicing

· OEM Servicing

· Device Manual Servicing


· Embedded Activation using assigned Volume License Runtime key

· Not required

Customer connection to the product team

· Support for Software Quality Metrics (SQM) in developer tools

· Links to forums, MSDN, and product team blogs

· Links to team blogs and forums

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